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I Can Do Anything Better than You!

May 17, 2018

A delightful Broadway hit of 1946 “Annie Get Your Gun,” featured a song by Irving Berlin, “I can do anything better than you.” That production reached a larger audience in 1950 when made into a feature film starring Betty Hutton as Annie Oakley.

Growing up, I recall seeing a “Light Opera” production of that play and I recently watched a replay on Hulu.

That we can do anything, if we put to our mind to it, is a first principle of the American Dream. And, in many ways, the idea is true even today in our over-regulated country.

But, some fields require knowledge, training, skill and practice.  Brain surgery, dentistry, flying an airplane require knowledge, training, skill and practice.

So does the role of President of the United States, or even high appointment to a Cabinet office. An example is Scott Pruitt the Trump Administration’s EPA Secretary. That fella can step in doo doo faster than cows can make cow pies.

The same applies to President Donald Trump.

The Administration of the Office of President of the United States deals with very difficult problems and there are few hands available to offer support. Most of President Trump’s appointees have no previous government experience, and the former Generals, Admirals and military officers to whom he’s given top appointments are not politically experienced.

For that reason, they can make mistakes of judgment—and do.

In government, the notion that “I can do anything better than you” simply isn’t true.  You need to have served in government, studied American government and history, economics, foreign policy and national security.

I hope the American people remember that in the Congressional elections of 2018 and the General Election for President in 2020.

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