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A Royal Wedding & Celebrities

May 19, 2018

The late British journalist, Christopher Hitchens, had a biting wit, often directed against Lady Diana, backed up by keen analysis of his times.

In this video about the funeral of Lady Diana, Hitchens’s comments on Celebrity Culture can assist us in understanding the royal wedding of Prince Harry and the American Meghan Markle and infantile celebrity culture in America.

Prince Harry is a nice chap who served honorably in the British army and has endured loss of his mother, the marriage of his father, Prince Phillip, to his mistress, and the wedding of his brother, Prince William, and heir to the throne.

Let’s face it, Americans lost something when the Framers of the Constitution of the United States in Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 prohibits the federal government from granting titles of nobility. So, instead of honoring home-grown Counts, Dukes, Duchesses, Kings and Queens, we vicariously participate in the lives of “Celebrities” known for their “knowness” and honor ourselves with boutique license plates on our automobiles, diplomas of academic degrees that we place on our walls, and the thousands of forms of much sought after “accreditation” for hair styling, pet grooming, dentistry, colleges, universities and degree programs.

Today’s wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is a Celebrity event, incidental to a formal Anglican marriage ceremony, featuring the King’s Guards and marching and mounted troops.  Our celebrity President, Donald Trump, desires to hold  a similar Grand March of American military, costing $13 million, to be held in Washington, DC–after the November elections.

My God save the United States of America from our celebrities.

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