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North Korea and American Naïveté

May 27, 2018

Even though it has been twenty-seven years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, college educated professionals in Government, Journalism and higher education have not understood the distinct “totalitarian” character of Marxist-based regimes in the former Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China and North Korea.

These regimes are described as “dictatorial” and controlled by “Dictators.” That language is symptomatic of the absence of “regime analysis” that has moved not even an inch since President Woodrow Wilson set the United States on course to establish “democracy” throughout the world.

The opposite to democratic regimes that represent the people was understood to be “Dictatorships” that represented the will of “Dictators.”

Continuation of such language disguises the true nature of Marxist-Leninist regimes that seek to impose the ideology of a 19th century crank ideologue on entire nations. Thus the Communist regime in North Korea subjects its people to starvation, religious persecution, and poverty in pursuit of a Marxist dream of a classless society. In the People’s Republic of China (PRC), President Xi Jinping has devoted himself to Maoism and is attempting to impose a system of absolute control on the Chinese people–all the while consolidating all the instruments of power in his hands.

Enter President Trump, a President ignorant of most subjects necessary for the administration of his great office, who offers to meet with Kim Jong-un of North Korea and the offer of enriching the people of North Korea with commerce and relaxation of tensions between North and South Korea.

President Trump is unaware that improving the lives of the people of North Korea will lead to the overthrow of North Korea’s communist regime, and fails to see that the PRC wants North Korea to pose a nuclear threat to the West as part of the PRC’s goal of domination of South Korea, the Republic of China and Japan.

Nothing will come of meetings with the North Korean regime. Only strangulation of that regime with economic sanctions and corresponding sanctions on the PRC and any nation engaged in commerce with North Korea will cause change.

The conduct of such a policy, however, requires a strategy of what President Reagan called “Peace through Strength,” and persons with a strategic cast of mind within the councils of President Trump.

General “Mad Dog” Mattes and General John Kelly are excellent tacticians, not grand strategists, and U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo comes to that office with the political, but limited, skills of a member of Congress. Moreover, Secretary Pompeo gives every indication that he does not comprehend the ideological bent of the career Foreign Service nor the Leftist “professionals” at the Central Intelligence Agency or of the ideological thinking of a New Class of legal, educational and journalistic “professionals” who hate America.

It remains to be seen if–in the remainder of the President’s first term–that men with grand strategic ideas and command of reality can overcome the President’s complete and utter ignorance of national security and foreign policy and limited understanding of the ideological cast of mind of “professionals” who populate the administrative, deep, state.

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