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Nap Time

June 3, 2018

John Boehner’s comment rings true. The old GOP is off taking a nap–somewhere. Naps are good, if you wake up, but the GOP is dead asleep.

The Administration of Donald Trump bares no likeness to the GOP of Ronald Reagan, but RR had his time nearly forty years ago.  The Internationalists in the tradition of Nelson Rockefeller—G.H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, John McCain and Mitt Romney–destroyed the Republican “brand” and opened the door to a hostile takeover by Donald Trump.

The GOP cannot reawaken from that nap without new leadership and there is none. We should ask “Why?”

Why are all those gals running for office doing well, getting rave reviews from media, but we hear next to nothing about the 35 year old conservative college teacher, the 40 year old corporate exec, or the 31 year old mechanic who built the best auto repair business within 250 miles?

Why is that?

Because, if these men object to reverse-racism of print and cable media, affirmative discrimination, the Marxist motivations of Barack Obama, or the need to defend the 2nd Amendment and the need to rein in welfare spending, they will be clobbered.

Local “journalists” will see an opportunity to win a Pulitzer by revealing their racism. The corporate exec’s boss–or the boss’s wife–will let him know that his job is at risk. The college teacher, even if tenured, will be brought up on charges of “hate speech,” and his home will be vandalized by local anti-gun crazies. The mechanic’s repair business will suffer.

Is there a solution? Reexamination of libel and slander laws will help. Developing fundraising skills will help, too. But, long term, every college and university is “educating” students to hate the GOP. We need a PAC to champion the rights of education consumers, educate GOP Governors to take higher education seriously by appointing conservatives to the education authorities of the states.

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