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Anthony Bourdain, RIP

June 8, 2018

We are what we eat. As Americans we eat foods that are difficult to find in  other countries. Popcorn, for example.  Good “hamburgers” are another. And because many Americans come from West and East European countries, we eat lots of pork, meals with a tomato base, spaghetti and Pierogi and meals with cabbage such as Halushki. My mother’s side of the family was German so I have eaten great, stuffed pork chops and my Armenian heritage taught me a love for rice pilaf, Lamajoun, Shish kabob, and yoghurt. In fact, I made a batch of yogurt from scratch last week!

I have subscribed to Saveur and Bon Apetit and last year I went through years of back issues and pulled recipes that I thought were interesting. I watched Julia Child when she first made her television appearance and I have her cookbook and love the way she butchers a whole turkey for roasting.

And, of course, I watched Anthony Bourdain’s program on CNN, have a couple of his books and have eaten at the restaurant in New York where he was a line chef. Recently I noticed, however, that Bourdain would drag in his Left-wing bias into his shows and I really disliked his program on my hometown, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and blogged about it. I recently re-subscribed to Saveur and saw that this stalwart food magazine had changed–for the worse.  What once was a great place to find recipes you wanted to make for yourself is now a “global guide” to things I will never eat.

Globalism is killing my interest in food. And, apparently, that globalism killed Anthony Bourdain by suicide this morning in Kayserberg, France.

RIP Anthony.

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