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Lucky Donald

June 12, 2018

Charles Lindburgh was called “Lucky Lindy” because only luck explained his solo flight across the Atlantic. My guess is that President Donald Trump will be called “Lucky Donald.”

His gamble that he could extract concessions from the totalitarian ruler of North Korea actually worked. He had to meet personally with Kim Jong-un, be photographed with the American flag arrayed alongside the North Korean flag, but North Korea needs Western investment capital or it will never overcome the consequences of Marxist and Maoist ideology.

That successful gamble takes the heat off President Trump and raises doubts in the minds of those who propose Impeachment. Are they willing to indict a President who saved the world from war in North Asia?

Even CNN had good things to say about Trump’s accomplishment and Joe Scarborough at MSNBC read the political cards correctly: Trump’s popularity has never been greater.

Still, there are dark clouds on the horizon. The President is not guided by a national security strategy and has demonstrated weakness in dealing with Putin’s Russia and doesn’t understand the strategic objectives of the People’s Republic of China. Add to that the business ties of the Trump organization and his daughter and husband that complicate their White House duties and the Trump Presidency is a walking field of conflicts of interest.

But, Lucky Donald may have saved his majority in the House from defeat in 2019, so no Impeachment resolution will pass during President Trump’s first term. Unfortunately, Putin wants Ukraine and will intimidate Poland and former “Captive Nations” of the Soviet Union. Let’s hope that Lucky Donald’s luck with Putin is as good as his luck with Kim Jong-un.

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