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Injuring MSNBC

June 14, 2018

Forgive me, but I am a regular viewer of cable news network, MSNBC. I probably began watching Morning Joe more than ten years ago. That program featured Joe Scarborough.  Back then “Joe” was interesting–that was before he became affianced to Mika Brzezinski  and declared that he was no longer a Republican. Gradually, it seems, Joe Scarborough’s performance became mawkish and mated with the strident left-wing attitude expressed by Mika.  Ten years later MSNBC is so much more extreme that I am beginning to wonder what Donald Trump can devise to injure Comcast, the corporation that owns MSNBC, and its owner, Brian L. Roberts.

Like Rupert Murdoch, Brian Roberts’ enormous footprint on American media raises questions about the propriety of control of American communications by powerful owners. Facebook now faces the likelihood of becoming a regulated utility and only the First Amendment’s protections give refuge to Brian Roberts from government regulation.

But, that can change as it becomes clear that a powerful “New Class” of journalists, university professors and attorneys are taking control of media communications and politics. It is becoming very difficult to run for political office in opposition to this “New Class” because uniformity of Leftist views of journalists gives control of media coverage of aspiring conservative politicians. That, in part, explains the election of Donald Trump.

New Class power is born in Departments of Communication (remember Melissa Click at the University of Missouri) and throughout American higher education that trains our young in Anti-American values. Enterprises like MSNBC, Time Warner, CNN are monoliths of the Left. If that is to change we must re-examine libel and slander laws that protect the freedom of the press to pursue Leftist political ends.

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