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Understanding Trump vs. May

July 13, 2018

Times are changing–everything.

What was once called “Great Britain” was dealt a deep blow when England was compelled to give up its colonies, leaving Albion alone to nurse its wounds.  Wounded once, British Labor dealt England a second, more serious, wound by introducing National Healthcare–socialized medicine after World War II. Even when the Brits came to their senses and elected a Tory government under Margaret Thatcher, her abilities were not sufficient to remove the many programs that had absorbed private sector services into England’s socialized economy.

Even today, the Brits don’t want to give up their “free” healthcare.

Now anti-EU forces within the United Kingdom are forcing Prime Minister Theresa May–who is what British Conservatives call a “Wet”–equivalent to our “Liberals”–to fight a rear-guard action against forces that may lead to the break-up of the European Union. Those forces were at work in the United States as well, if the election of Donald Trump is an example.

The ideology of “internationalism” represented here by every President–living and dead–since FDR is finally meeting opposition.

President Trump understands that, but can’t keep his mouth shut, and blundered into a very undiplomatic situation during his visit to the United Kingdom. The “Wets” will be kicked out very soon and a Trump look-alike will ascend to party leadership on the Emerald Isle. The false claims of the Brits of a “special relationship” with the United States will have been put into the ashbin and U.S. relations with its European allies will be put on an equal footing.


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