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The “Deal” with Putin is “Done”

July 15, 2018

In hunting season, hunters wear clothing that can distinguish them from the game they are hunting.  In fishing, a bright, flashing, lure will attract fish and in politics, too, there is a place for bright shiny objects.

President Trump is the embodiment of a bright shiny object moving from Singapore, to Brussels and now Helsinki. This movement serves three purposes:

  1. to distract the public’s attention from the Mueller investigation,
  2. give the impression of movement on serious policy issues, and
  3. to meet with other world leaders, in the mistaken belief that “deals” are achieved in personal meetings.

The “deal” with Russia, however, is done.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has the goods on Trump’s business interests in Russia and quite possibly has the President on video in compromising situations. Nothing will be done in Trump’s meeting with Putin, but we will be distracted–deal done.


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