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Trump–the Lone Ranger or Outlaw?

July 16, 2018

College teachers in the Humanities and some in the Social Sciences recognize in Donald Trump similarities to today’s college students. They can’t write, have no interest in reading, and are incapable of theoretical reasoning.

Donald Trump is very much like them in his lack of interest in reading, but he has an interest in redesigning how we think about the international order. In that, however,  he can be viewed as either a “Lone Ranger” or simply an outlaw operating beyond the limits of common sense.

The answer to this question may be found, possibly, in today’s press conference in Helsinki with Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. The actual press conference begins 35 minutes into the recording.

Trump is acting like a Lone Ranger who challenges liberal “Internationalism.”  The order of nations should be grounded in law, but attempts to replace the sovereignty of nations with supra-national law organized into a League of Nations or a United Nations is based in attempts to replace reality with “Second Realities.”

Trump, instinctively, understands that Liberal Internationalism, first fashioned by Woodrow Wilson who sought to save the world by means of democracy, is a political religion motivated by the attempt to replace balance of power politics with international law.

That argument is consistent with my analysis of modern political religion posted online. Click here to read Chapter 10, titled “Modern Political Religions.”

Clearly, the view of Trump as Lone Ranger is countered by the view of most commentators that Trump is an Outlaw.  They, however, remind us of our Leftist colleauges in the ranks of college teachers in America today.


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