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Trump’s Popularity Explained

July 28, 2018

President Trump’s popularity with working class citizens who have been the electoral base of the Democrats since 1932 is related to race.

I don’t mean that the President is a racist.

The President’s popularity is similar to political developments in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland and Hungary. Those nations are racially homogeneous and are challenged today by immigration by non-Europeans. Their citizens are responding to politicians who oppose Muslim immigration.

I’ve touched on this three times: in November of last year, January and May of this year. And my colleague, Dr. Angelo Codevilla, writes of this in an essay published in the neo-conservative publication “American Greatness,” titled “Trump Risks Debasing American Citizenship.”

This is a problem in political philosophy that can be explained by a political religion that promotes “Dreams vs. Reality.

Political developments that made the election of Donald Trump possible have been long coming and are related to the growth of the “Progressive” movement beginning in the late 1880s, the domination by Progressives of intellectual culture as a consequence of loss of faith in Christianity that began with Darwin and was exacerbated by the American Civil War and the Great Depression.

Those events led to political turmoil in civil society during the 1960s and early 1970s  and domination today by the Left of the centralized “Deep State,” religious denominations and hierarchies, charities and philanthropic institutions, universities and popular film and media.




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