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A Silk Purse or a Sow’s Ear?

July 29, 2018

On CNN this morning, Sunday, July 29, Supply-side Economist, Larry Kudlow, defended President Trump’s policies on tariffs. Kudlow did well and made a good case for tariffs to address the abuse of trade by the People’s Republic of China. Clearly, China ‘s trade with the United States and outright intellectual piracy ought to be controlled.  And we should  credit Larry Kudlow for doing something to bring order and consistency to erratic trade and foreign policy decisions of President Trump.

I’ve tried to suggest the names of several conservative specialists in national security and foreign policy who would help develop a foreign policy for this Administration. And in the field of education I’ve been critical of appointments made by this Administration at the U.S. Department  of Education and failure to reform higher education regulations to benefit long-suffering education consumers. Conservative scholars who could assist to turn this around by appointing them to the Department are:

Philosophers:  (F. Eugene HeathJohn Lachs)

Historians (Mark G. MalvasiCarey M. RobertsLarry E. Schweikart)

Classicists (David D. MulroyE. Christian Kopff)

Art Historians (Arthur Pontynen)

Political Scientists (Linda C. Raeder; Jason C. Ross and Clarence F. Sills, Jr.)

Literary Critics (Mitchell KalpakgianJohn A. Arnold)


These scholars have no government experience. EXACTLY!  They are quick learners and will seize the initiative immediately!

But, the President believes that the U.S. government employs too many people, has little knowledge of the conservative movement and the scholars and intellectuals who made the GOP the party of ideas. So, because he doesn’t  know better, he makes little effort to identify them and offer them appointments.

Larry Kudlow is a standout appointment in Economics, John Bolton less so at the National Security Council and Peter Navarro’s crazy economic theories and the presence of the President’s daughter and husband at the White House are disgraceful. Occasionally, I’m surprised by an appointment or two which I attribute to the influence of Newt Gingrich, but they are few and far between.

I must conclude that there is no silk purse in this sow’s ear of a Presidency.


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