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Trump Outclassed

August 5, 2018

If you read the transcript of the press conference in Helsinki on July 16 you will see one responsible national leader and another who is outclassed. Apparently the American electorate came to the same conclusion and the Trump White House has played “Defense” for four weeks.

Read Putin’s statement carefully because he came prepared and touched on topics vital to the national interest of Russia:

  • the conflict between the US and Russia is no longer “ideological”;
  • absence of “mechanisms” for resolving conflict;
  • terrorism;
  • economic problems;
  • environmental issues;
  • nonproliferation on weapons of mass destruction;
  • disarmament;
  • extension of the Strategic Offensive Arms Limitation Treaty;
  • American anti-missile defenses;
  • INF treaty;
  • Cyber-security;
  • Weapons in outer space;
  • mutual cooperation of intelligence services;
  • Syria;
  • Israel;
  • North Korea;
  • JCPOA and Iran
  • Ukraine;
  • Russian interference in the 2016 election;
  • expansion of business and cultural contacts;

President Trump’s response indicates that he came unprepared to the Helsinki Summit and no preparatory meetings of any depth were conducted by sub-Cabinet executives at State, Defense, CIA, DNA or the U,S. Treasury. That is dangerous to the American national interests and Trump needs to compensate for his inexperience and general incompetence by developing a team that meets with their Russian counterparts before the next “Summit.”




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