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Female “Conservative” Impersonators

August 6, 2018

How many times have you seen the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin described as “conservative.” Perhaps that word describes Rubin’s hatred for conservatives, but not one of her columns or television appearances at MSNBC has commented positively on conservatives.

Rubin is a female conservative impersonator.

Another conservative impersonator is MSNBC’s Elise Jordan who has been described as a former “staffer” to Sen. Rand Paul, Republican strategist and NR contributor along with other “conservative” roles she has performed. Jordan, too, is a Leftist, impersonator, and parrots the MSNBC line for the newly packaged Liberal centrist, Joe Scarborough.

Another is former communications director for George W. Bush and Sen. John McCain’s campaign for President, Nicolle Wallace, In that role she undercut McCain’s VP running-mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, presumably in order to curry favor with NBC’s Katie Couric. Wallace now has a regular program each afternoon at MSNBC.

And then there’s Andrea Mitchell who parlaed her marriage to former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, into access to GOP circles, but never utters a favorable word about the GOP on her MSNBC program.

There are, of course, some terrific women conservatives in media and various think tanks, but none makes it into the Leftist precincts of MSNBC owned by Liberal Democrat partisan Brian L. Roberts. I’m inclined to believe that Roberts and AT&T that owns Warner Media manager of CNN need to put a couple of real female conservatives on their programs or risk having their wings clipped.

Whom should they consider?

How about Susan Ferrechio or the Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway.

There would be more women media persons to consider, but you need a “break” to get started. If you study “Journalism” at a major Journalism school you’ll be indoctrinated in PC ideology. Stan Evans ran a Journalism Center for conservatives who wanted to crack into journalism, but Stan died in 2015. Here’s a link to alumni of Stan’s school. Young America’s Foundation continues Stan’s program, but there are very few conservatives like Stan who believe in education and YAF’s focus is on high school age students.

Paul Weyrich did something special when he founded National Empowerment Television. Bright young college educated conservatives were employed at NET and learned video programming, production, and the many skills that support television programming. Today, there is no track like that that to guarantee a job in media; you have to create your own. One way to do that is to become active in your college’s radio station and parlay that experience into an entry level job at a local radio or TV station. Other than that, good luck–and don’t let potential employers know that you like Susan Ferrechio or Mollie Hemingway.




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