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A Second Civil War

August 13, 2018

After the election results in the November 1964 Presidential election were tallied, we young conservatives–fresh out of college–had to decide what to do next. Many of us were intellectuals who were captivated by Friedrich Hayek’s Road to Serfdom, Russell Kirk’s Conservative Mind and Eric Voegelin’s New Science of Politics. We figured that if we could earn a Ph.D. we could obtain employment as a college teacher and adjust to a socialist America and Soviet dominated Europe and Asia. If we became attorneys we could make a good living and maybe run for political office. Many of us hunkered down and joined the family business.

After half a century, we still got a quasi-Socialist American economy, but the seventy-five year domination of Russia and Eastern Europe by a Marxist-Leninist Communist Party ended in 1991.

That was twenty-seven years ago and what do we have to show for it?

Something happened to “us.”

If we remained political or economic conservatives–even with PhDs–employment was blocked except at third and fourth tier colleges. If we were theologically inclined Protestants, our religious denominations were more interested in salvation in this life.

Few of us who were Catholics were inclined to the Catholic priesthood because the rules of obedience and celibacy are just too much to ask in a Church that is committed to “Social Justice.”

But, we still are looking at a coming collapse of the American economy from Entitlement programs, and spending to which we cannot say “No.”

Beyond our shores, a renascent Russian government is engaged in recovering the Russian Empire.

Western Europe no longer is tethered to the philosophic and theological principles of the Christian West.

Here at home, our system of education, public and private, is corrupting our youth.

As we look ahead two years to the November 2020 Presidential election we can see only possible calamity–dissolution of even the strongest political Party bonds–and a high likelihood that what the Framers of our Constitution hoped would become our future will be discarded in a likely military solution.

We went through a similar period in the years leading up to our first Civil War.  But, that war was between States. The coming Civil War will be between “us” and “them.”

May God help us as we face the next two years of self-government.

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