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A National Conservative Party

August 16, 2018

Those of us living during the next two years in America will see a possible Impeachment of the President of the United States, the weakness of our Two-Party system of government will be exposed and some very bad actors will roil our politics by seeking the GOP and Democrat nominations for the Office of President of the United States in 2020.

A realignment of the two Party system is underway and now is the time for political, social and economic conservatives to create a national Conservative Party and compete with a “Trump Party,” the Internationalist wing of the GOP led by Mitt Romney and John Kasich, and the Democrat Party.

I’m a believer in the common sense of the American people and in the durable character of our laws, the Constitution of the United States and the fundamental freedoms that define the American way of life. So I think we’ll make it safely through the next two years.

That came home to me about 22 years ago when I went to a “Superman” movie in the Mall of  America in Minneapolis. When Superman, Clark Kent, affirms his belief in “truth, justice and the American way,” the audience vociferously clapped their approval!

Our political parties, and particularly the Republican Party, have been weakened by a decision by some of our best and brightest Americans not to seek political careers. Many would like to serve their country, but they don’t want to subject themselves to attacks by our reporting class of “Journalists” who are driven to destroy anyone who asserts that he believes, like Clark Kent, in “truth, justice and the American way.”

Yet, I venture to say that most Americans share that belief and are seeking one or maybe two leaders who affirm what they believe. Unfortunately, the 21st century’s problems are the result of the disruption of Europe in the 20th century by a series of wars. We were drawn into the first “World War,” and our politics today have been shaped ever since, by the spirit of the President who took us into a War in order, he said, “to destroy balance of power politics.”

Woodrow Wilson’s belief in international law, brought into existence by force of arms, and the collective action of what he called a “League of Nations” were principles of a religious belief in “Internationalism.” That political religion identified a series of American Presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to Barack Obama. In fact, this year all the living “Internationalist” Presidents had their picture taken with Lady GaGa!

From Belleau Wood to Iraq, Americans have died in wars dedicated to a quasi-religious commitment to Internationalism. Donald Trump saw the falsehoods in that and called for a policy favoring the American nation-first. Trump’s challenge to the GOP that Trump captured in what Newt Gingrich called a “hostile takeover” is not going to permit “Internationalism” to die. As a consequence, the GOP will not survive in its present form. President Trump will be challenged in 2020 by the Internationalist Mitt Romney, that is “if” the President survives Impeachment.




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