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Bannon’s Political Party

August 16, 2018

No sooner did I call for formation of a national Conservative Party than Steve Bannon announced formation of Citizens of the American Republic. This new political action committee will be accompanied by a feature film to  be released in early September. The film calls for citizens to fight a war on behalf of the Trump Presidency.

We should be thankful for small favors. Bannon could have announced his candidacy for the Presidency.

Bannon, is a former hedge fund executive with no experience in government and an interest in film and documentaries. He is very much like Leni Reifenstahl, promoter of the Nazi Party whose “Triumph of the Will” is a classic of political propaganda.

A fundamental purpose of politics is the resolution of conflict. Anyone in the political arena in any era, Adolph Hitler is a prime example, who intentionally creates conflict, whether racial (George Wallace), economic (Earl Browder), political (Steve Bannon)  or religious (Fr. Charles Coughlin) is a danger to the peace and justice of the political order.

Let us hope that Bannon’s Citizens of the American Republic goes the way of the Dixiecrats, the International Workers of the World, the Bolsheviks and other political movements that abhorred politics and instead wanted to wage war.

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