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Leftist-bias at

August 18, 2018

Yahoo headquartered in Sunnyvale, California was founded in 1994 by Stanford University graduate students in electrical engineering. The founders, Jerry Yang and David Filo, with Yang as CEO, managed the company for six years until Yang was replaced in 2009.

The company went through a series of CEOs until 2017 when Yahoo was acquired by Verizon Communications through its subsidiary, Oath Inc. Oath manages Yahoo!,, AOL Mail CompuServe, HuffPost, MapQuest, Netscape, and at least five other Internet properties, including Verizon Digital Media Services.

If you have a free Yahoo e-mail account, you access in order to access Yahoo.mail.  I have found that is decidedly more “Left-leaning” than You might wonder why Verizon allows media bias to enter this company’s news reports and the answer appears to lead back to Yahoo’s beginnings and its willingness to adhere to restrictions placed on companies in the People’s Republic of China.

Human Rights Watch published a report titled “Race to the Bottom–Corporate Complicity in Chinese Internet Censorship” and in 2008 PCmag published a report examining Cisco, Yahoo and Google’s operations in the PRC.

Doing business in totalitarian countries requires compromises that major corporations are willing to make in order to gain access to markets. But, why is slanted to the Left?

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