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Mr. “Resistance”

September 6, 2018

The OpEd “Resistance” letter from a high Trump Administration official is published in today’s The New York Times. That The Times would publish an anonymous criticism of the President is part and parcel of the adversarial nature of journalism today.

We have two problems: one is the incompetence of President Trump which has been a theme of blogs in this space since 2017 and the other is the power of a New Class of intellectuals who shape public opinion.

There are many reasons why conservatives who regularly vote Republican took a chance on the election of someone so flawed a candidate as Donald Trump. He captured the GOP from a weak list of seventeen contenders for the GOP nomination for President in 2016.

One of the best, in terms of prior experience, Jeb Bush, would have been a reprise of his brother’s Presidency and rejection of “W” was governing the selection of a nominee in 2016.  No more Bush family members was the silent thought of the Party faithful.

Then, some voters wanted a Republican President because he would name the next member of the U.S. Supreme Court. That sounded to me like the strategy of the Federalists who thought they could control American government from the Judiciary. Thomas Jefferson showed them they were wrong.

But, the deciding factor in the election of Donald Trump was white, working class, Democrat voters, many of whom had been unemployed, or underemployed, for decades. These were the least among us, the non-college educated workers, many of whom lost their jobs in the manufacturing sector when their employers moved production to Mexico.

That a literally bad man with no understanding of how government is managed, no ties to the conservative movement, who cannot read easily due to dyslexia, was elected was a dangerous precedent. The only thing Donald Trump brought to the public was his celebrity and for being known for his “knowness.”

The author of the “Resistance” letter is not a typical Presidential appointee because he violates a code of political appointees: leave in silence. This person chose to stay and openly criticize the man who appointed him. Who he is is irrelevant. He should never have been appointed in the first place.

But this example of perfidy is a mere bump along a more troubled path now being affected by a New Class of “journalists,” college teachers, administrators of charities and “Progressives” in other important sectors of our advanced industrial economy administered by a centralized State.

That “State” now dominates American State and local government and is fed by poorly educated university graduates in a system of “higher” education, so lacking in intellectual diversity, that it is difficult to find a single conservative voice on most of the more than 3,000 college and universities in the United States.

That exclusive form of thought control assures that our political waters will be roiled by persons who in other times would not aspire to public office, nor would they be elected, if they did..

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