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Obama vs. Trump

September 8, 2018

Yesterday, Friday, September 7, former President Barack Obama outlined how Democrats can attack President Donald Trump in a speech at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.   Click here for the text of that speech.

He was there to accept the Paul H. Douglas Award for Ethics in Government.  The University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign was founded in 1867 as a “Land Grant” university and established to advance the application of scientific standards to agriculture.  “Land Grant” universities today are the backbone of the system of public higher education in the United States. Paul Douglas served as a U.S. Senator from Illinois for eighteen years. He was defeated for re-election by Charles Percy.

It is appropriate that a University was host to a former Democrat President for a major political address. Universities are home to our Politically Correct “intellectuals.” Watching the faces of impressionable U of I students in the audience, I was struck by how representative they were of the effective use of university classrooms across America to foster Progressive ideology.

Former President Barack Obama, as Stanley Kurz has demonstrated in Radical-in-Chief, is not your usual Progressive. He is a trained Marxist-Leninist who taught at the “Mid-West” Academy, a staunch socialist training school for agitation and propaganda according to a model fashioned by Lenin. Evidence of that orientation is visible in his September 7 speech

“Progress doesn’t just move in a straight line.” Obama said. “There’s a reason why progress hasn’t been easy and why throughout our history every two steps forward seems to sometimes produce one step back.”

“Two steps forward” and “one step back” reflects a formula for the Bolshevik Party that Lenin promulgated in “One Step Forward Two Steps Backin 1907.

Though “reviews” by commentators at CNN and MSNBC were mixed, Obama’s speech will be used, and was designed to be used, as a plan for action to take “one step forward” by Democrat-socialist activists.

At stake in the 2019 elections is the possible reversal of Obama Administration programs that, Obama told his audience, have “led to unrivaled prosperity and the rise of a broad and deep middle class and the sense that if you worked hard, you could climb the ladder of success.” This road to prosperity is uneven, and forces had to be combated by return to “our founding ideals, that all of us are created equal, endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.”

Wrapping himself in the inspirational language of the Declaration of Independence, Obama called his audience to take forward steps that previous generations acclaimed in “Onward Christian Soldiers.”

Onward, Obama urged his young audience. Onward against the “status quo” by people fearful of change. Defense of the  status quo  has led to some being left behind like the “factory worker, …the office worker, or even middle managers.” That has given those at “the top of the economic pyramid” the power to ”skew things” to their benefit.

When Obama took office in 2009, he told his audience of students who were nine years old at the time, he was fighting a 40-year trend begun–if we count correctly–in 1969. Those were bad years, apparently, when Presidents Nixon,  Ford, Reagan and George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush dominated national politics until that great day when Barack Obama was elected.

All that is necessary to assure a return to the successful time in America of the Obama years, Obama urged his student audience, is for us to vote, and not take our basic rights for granted.  But, we must pay attention to what’s going on around us. Though most in his audience spend their time texting or looking at their iPads and not “paying attention to what’s going on,” Obama asserted, that we must focus on what is happening today.

Obama–who doesn’t “text” but keeps his eyes on the big picture–believes that  “A politics of fear and resentment and retrenchment: has taken hold and “demagogues promise simple fixes to complex problems.”

Though no one party has always been responsible, “over the past few decades, the politics of division and resentment and paranoia has unfortunately found a home in the Republican party.”

Since we can count, “the past few decades” to which Obama is referring are most likely those four bad decades of big, bad, Republican Party dominance that were overcome by the election of Barack Obama.

We are also fortunate, he declared, because “Democrats aren’t just running on good old ideas like a higher minimum wage, they’re running on good new ideas like Medicare for all, giving workers seats on corporate boards, reversing the most egregious corporate tax cuts to make sure college students graduate.”

I could go on, but you get the idea: big government can be saved, if you students vote, become activists, and devote your time and actions, not to studying, but to defeating Republicans like Donald Trump. Only 1 in 5 young people voted in 2016, Obama noted, so get your heads out of those iPads!

It remains to be seen if Obama will arouse the 19 to 34 year old cohort of voters to take time to vote in 2019, but others surely will, and Obama will make many more appeals like this one in order to make certain that occurs.






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