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Aspiring Writers–Take Heart!

September 9, 2018

You’ve heard it a dozen times, learn IT.

And well you should learn some form of computer programming, just to see if that’s a “fit” with the way you reason.

Not all reason alike.

Computer programming requires “serial” reasoning, but most other disciplines require what I call “synoptic” reasoning. Aristotle distinguished the two by observing that serial reasoning is “deductive,” the kind of thinking in which Sherlock Holmes excelled.

But, there’s also “inductive” reasoning by which a person sees the whole of what’s in front of him and from there burrows into the depth of what he sees. Albert Einstein was an “inductive” reasoner and, if that describes you, take heart.

Something revolutionary has happened in media as great as the break from silent films to “talkies.” You can read about that in an excellent report by Sam Adams on the battle between Netflix and Cannes in Slate. Mr. Adams reports that the famous French film festival at Cannes will not permit a film to be considered for one of the many prestigious awards given out at Cannes, unless they first had a theatrical release.

Fortunately, this led the managers of the Venice Film Festival to take the opposite position

Films, motion pictures, even low budget ones that you can write scripts for, or produce after one or two film production courses, no longer require theatrical distribution! Major companies, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu are distributing “first run” feature films via the Internet!

If you like to read and like to write–the two skills go together–you can write a script and attempt to sell it to Netflix–or one of the other new entrants into the motion picture business–and KaBOOM, you’re famous.

Most people just watch Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu and couldn’t care less about the protectionist ways of the French. An enormous number of eyeballs are watching films on TVs, PCs and hand-held devices! That spells opportunity for all you synoptic thinkers out there who can write!


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