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Goodbye to the GOP

September 11, 2018

Seldom do I repeat a former post, but as early as June 6, 2016 I saw that Donald Trump would destroy what was left of the Republican Party.

The decline of the GOP was of a piece with the rise of an adversarial, “Progressive,” class of journalists. Their pursuit of “Progressive”–i.e. Leftist, utopian, big government– solutions placed every candidate identified as “conservative” in the crosshairs of negative reporting.

Who wants a mistake or mistakes you made when you were 17, or two years ago, broadcast to everyone who watches the local news or reads the local papers?

The seventeen “plain vanilla,” lackluster, candidates for the Republican nomination in 2016 were beaten by a candidate so morally calloused that he didn’t care what was revealed about his sexual escapades. Only his business interests and personal taxes were off-limits, and even there Donald Trump thought he could evade scrutiny.

The final result of Donald Trump’s election will be the destruction of the political party that won the American Civil War, freed the slaves, abolished slavery and became the vehicle of partisans for free trade, freedom of enterprise, and limited government. They put up a good, mostly losing, fight, but that party is gone.

Goodbye, GOP. It was nice knowing you!

JUNE 6, 2016

Finally, a consensus is building that Donald Trump is not the beginning of a new GOP, but the death of the GOP. Even the tired. old, Democrat Party will have more life in it by the end of this Presidential election, than a defeated Trump-led GOP.

That need not have happened, but The Donald is an imperfect carrier of ideas that made him the Republican nominee. Two of those ideas were long in coming–the limits of an ideology of free trade and open borders. But, apparently, millions of Republican primary voters were waiting for someone to advocate closing our borders and limiting free trade.

My guess is that many of the “new” voters that Trump attracted are long time Democrats, straight Party line voters, who felt that the Progressives within the Democrat Party had gone too far.

Trump figured that out, and ran with ideas that enabled him to defeat the internationalist faction within the GOP and those who for religious or ideological reasons feel that it is America’s obligation to impose democracy on the world–by force of arms.

The Bush, neoconservative, War Party faction in the GOP, promoted by News Corp’s Wall Street Journal and Fox News, has been given a comeuppance by The Donald and was not able to find a candidate to run on a Third Party ticket. They’ll be back, for sure, but not as Republicans.


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