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The Worst is Yet to Come

September 18, 2018

President Donald Trump ran for the office of President of the United States having had no experience in elective office, no contact with the Conservative Movement, little experience with the Republican Party and a host of illicit entanglements from his family business.  It is likely that his son and son-in-law will be indicted, and the GOP will lose its majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.  And, even if the GOP retains control of the U.S. Senate, that majority will be gone after the 2020 Presidential election.  American politics and civil society may be roiled by the introduction of three Impeachment resolutions.

Impeachment 1: Mr. Justice Clarence Thomas will face Impeachment in a revival of allegations by Anita Hill.

Impeachment 2:  Judge Brett Kavanaugh, if confirmed without a full field investigation by the FBI, will face Impeachment as the claims of his current accuser are revived.

Impeachment 3:  President Donald Trump will be Impeached on several charges:  violation of regulations governing his family’s charity and knowing acceptance of investments from Russian oligarchs (money laundering), and soliciting support of a foreign nation during his campaign for President in 2016.

All this is the beginning of an era of turmoil in American politics and civil society that will see development of a multi-party system common in Western Europe, the entry of “celebrities” seeking public office, and violence and civil disturbances in local municipalities seen during major natural disasters: looting, random shootings, food shortages and martial law.

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