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Bad and Good Music

September 30, 2018

Like millions of other Americans concerned about the divisiveness of American politics, my attention was riveted on the confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  While surfing from MSNBC, CNN to Fox, I often turn to C-SPAN and find myself watching  rock music performers at MTV.  They jump about in what I like to call “Gymn Choreography” and the audience sways to the beat of the music with arms upraised, as if in a Protestant tent meeting. I infer from this display that many millions more of youthful Americans are preoccupied with the many venues that offer access to rock, rap and other forms of popular music.

Allan Bloom, author of Closing of the American Mind, was very critical of the effect of this form of music on the young.

“This is the age of music and the states of soul that accompany it.” Rock music is king, Bloom writes, and very few students have any familiarity with classical music.  Rock music responds to students’  sexual desire. They understand that “rock has the beat of sexual intercourse.”  Feeding that desire is a music industry whose market is children.

The rock business is perfect capitalism, supplying to demand and helping to create it. It has all the moral dignity of drug trafficking, but it was so totally new and unexpected that nobody thought to control it, and now it is too late.

Bloom’s dismal conclusion must be balanced by a report in PJ Media for September 20 that features an essay by Chris Queen titled “The 10 Most Influential Songs of the Early Years of Contemporary Christian Music.” The prevalence of Christian music and Christian publishing should remind us that a vibrant Christian culture still exists in which music has other uses than sexual arousal.


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