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Let’s Rally!

October 7, 2018

On November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was assassinated and Barry Goldwater put aside his ambitions to run for President of the United States.  Sen. Goldwater was cantankerous, but not stupid.  He knew that after the assassination, 1964 would not be a Republican year.  F. Clifton White thought otherwise, and organized a “Draft Goldwater” movement.  That effort, focused on the person of Sen. Goldwater is responsible for what became the modern “Conservative movement” that, in time, supported a former actor, Ronald Reagan, in two campaigns for Governor of California and three efforts to win the nomination of the Republican Party for President of the United States.

Today, thirty years after President Reagan left office, we’d like to rally once again for a candidate for President who shares our principles of limited government, free trade, reduced government regulations, reform of regulations driving up the cost of a college education, a national security policy designed to protect us from enemy states, and clear headed proposals to addressing the fiscal burden of our bloated “entitlements.”

The incumbent President who plans to run for re-election in 2020 will curry favor with conservative Republicans, even though of the five principles listed above, President Trump is serious only about deregulation.

We can do better, but to whom shall we rally?

The absence of a conservative candidate for President is the reason that Donald Trump is President. Our politics have become so hazardous that few choose to run for political office.  With few exceptions, those who have are tired and shopworn.

Except, that is, for Cong. Jim Jordan (R-OH), Cong. Dave Brat (R-VA), Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK), and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Senators Cotton and Cruz come to mind as potential candidates in 2020, but the lowly status of the U.S. House of Representatives disqualifies Congressmen Jordan and Brat as candidates until they win election to the U.S. Senate.

At least, that’s how it worked in the old days when experience as a Governor or Senator gave name recognition sufficient to launch a campaign.

Today, however, another condition has been added–“Celebrity”–and there are many of them. Ronald Reagan in 1964 was a celebrity, but search as we may for a celebrity “conservative” with political ambitions, we find none.

That suggests that it will be necessary for conservatives aspiring to become President become celebrities. Though manufacturing celebrity is difficult, it can be done, and for aspiring conservative politicians like Jim Jordan or Dave Brat, that can be accomplished by forming a national conservative party.

I made the case for a national conservative party twice, once in 2017 and most recently in 2018.

Jim Jordan’s rural Ohio district has few resources for a run for President, but a national audience and significant numbers of wealthy Americans will respond him if he starts an effort to form a national conservative party. Dave Brat’s district in Virginia was the capital of the Confederacy and an effort to revive Richmond, Virginia’s national influence will be well received in some Southern circles.

Also, Dave Brat is an accomplished economist with a degree in theology!

With a benevolent God behind him, even a bean counter may become President of the United States.

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