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Democratic Socialists and their Professors

October 9, 2018

Campus violence has occurred as “students” protest conservative speakers invited by conservative groups. As these activists are interviewed, it becomes clear that some are motivated by the ideology of “democratic socialism.”

That caused me to visit lecture notes that I prepared in courses I taught on the subject of Communist Ideology in the late 1970s and early 1980s. More than 35 years ago, a “Cold War” with the Soviet Union shaped U.S. foreign policy and the Soviet Union had engaged in acts of subversion as many American intellectuals joined the Communist Party.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, I was thankful that I would no longer have to study the theoretical works of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. And I put aside my notebooks on Communist Ideology.

Recent interviews with anti-Fascist activists, many dressed in black and their faces covered to protect their anonymity, indicate that some form of Communist ideology–called “Democratic Socialism”–is being taught to impressionable high school and college students.

Look for a high school or college teacher, if you see bad behavior by young people and Tucker Carlson has found one.

Michael Isaacson is, or was, an Adjunct Instructor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.  Tucker Carlson’s interview with this “professor” is very informative both in terms of what Isaacson espouses  and the weakness of arguments for free speech when faced with a  committed revolutionary.    We’ll hear more from the likes of Michael Isaacson and the students he corrupts with appeals to “democratic socialism,” but listen carefully to Carlson’s interview and the careful, ideological, distinctions that this Marxist-trained “professor” makes in defense of radical, violent, activism.

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