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Return of the Marxist “Left”

October 16, 2018

Far Left Watch was founded in 2017 to track the actions of a radical movement organized to engage in physical attacks and demonstrations against traditional conservative politicians and the Republican Party.  I urge you to learn about Far Left Watch at this link:

The “democratic socialism” that motivates “Antifa” activists is a carefully crafted ideology with roots in the practice of agitation and propaganda tactics advocated by Lenin.

This is a Marxist movement with links to the Mid-West Academy in Chicago where a young community organizer, Barack Obama, taught socialist activists how to engage in “community action.”  Representative “movements” inspired by this Marxist call for agitation and propaganda were “Occupy Wall Street,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Me-Too” and now “Antifa.”

Divisions in American politics are exacerbated by these “movements” and are designed to attract a response from equally unrestrained opponents. The “Alt Right” actions in Charlottesville occurred as the far left hoped they would. Unfortunately, this form of ideological corruption is deep, and many elected officials in Charlottesville, Virginia, Portland, Oregon, San Francisco, California and New York City are advocates of the democratic socialism that disrupts their cities.

What can you do? Here are four actions you can take to protect yourself from the increasing violent activism of the far left.

First and foremost, listen to this interview with the author of Radical in Chief, Stanley Kurtz, and read his history of Barack Obama and the Mid-West Academy.  That a former President of the United States is still an advocate of the radical activism of the Mid West Academy is a dangerous sign that democratic socialism of the far left is alive and well.

Second, if you live in cities that elect far left officials, vote against them.

Third, keep informed as this type of far left activism becomes more violent, and notify your Congressman and Senators about your concerns.

You can find the contact information for House members at and members of the Senate can be found at Don’t mail a letter, call their local and DC offices or FAX your concern. Mail is delivered to Congressional Offices only after it is checked for toxins such as ricin and explosive devices.

If you’re serious, get an inexpensive “e-Fax” account.

In most cases, Congressmen and Senators listen.

And, fourth, make frequent donations in small amounts–no more than $25–to politicians who respond to your concerns.

Believe me, they will notice.

We live in dangerous times.

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