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A View of the Right from the Left

October 23, 2018

Those of us who grew up with the Conservative “Movement” about the time that Bill Buckley struggled to sustain National Review and Russell Kirk searched for a publisher for The Conservative Mind, were fortunate to find the guides we needed at an impressionable stage in our young lives.

I’m talking about ancient history, when a socially dominant “Liberalism” was scooping up power at every level of American culture and government and was challenged by what came to be called a Conservative “movement.”

In that ragtag group of contrarians were Conservative members of Congress, some like Bruce Alger (R-TX) now long forgotten because they were casualties in the elections of 1964, a few conservative journals that existed at the time (Human Events, National Review, The Freeman), persons of inherited wealth (Dick Scaife) , and some youngsters like Ken Tomlinson, agog at the “leadership” on the Right that we encountered (Henry Regnery, W. B. Hicks, Frank Hanighen, Bill Buckley). They shaped a resistance consisting of courageous young people (Lee Edwards, Bob Bauman), smart and sophisticated leaders (F. Clifton White,  Dan McMichael), writers (M. Stanton Evans, Allan Ryskind) and a few academics (Gerhart Niemeyer, Eric Voegelin, Leo Strauss) marooned in a sea of Left University “intellectuals.”

This social “movement” was a last gasp of rebellion against the Progressive Left that had been given access to power in government by employment by Woodrow Wilson, fueled by desperation during the Great Depression and rooted in state power for more than thirty years from 1932 to 1980.  During those long years “Progressives” controlled the centers of power and influence.

That was not the end of this story.

For a quarter of a century, from 1955 through 1980 a resistance movement took form that today is in full display at the Left-wing, website of the Center for Media and Democracy. If you’ve ever doubted that “we” have come a long way, take a look at this “tracker” of all the conservative forces that now resist what’s left of the Progressive “Left.”


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