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New York New York

October 29, 2018

One of my Facebook friends has called my attention to a marvelous new exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art titled “Armenia: Art, Religion, and Trade in the Middle Ages.” That reminded me that I lived within a 45 minute drive of Manhattan for about eleven years.

Those years were important for me and Manhattan is too.

I remarked on that in my 2017 book  and how I was fortunate to live near Manhattan when Irving Kristol organized into a political movement what we came to know as “Neoconservatism.”

I came to know Irving about the time “he came out of the closet” and announced that he was a Republican.

At his seances,  I met some of his acolytes and was honored to accept invitations to dine with him for lunch on several occasions.  Through that association with him, I got to know Hilton Kramer and so many of the talented denizens of the City that were attracted to art, history, and politics.

Thomas Molnar was one of them.

I had just published a history of political theory textbook that Irving thought might be publishable, if co-authored with Dante Germino, and I was active–in addition to teaching–at Arlington House Publishers where my duties included finding conservative writers.

But, that’s another story.

The one that interests me here is the city of New York, one of the four or five great cities in the world, and where everyone who aspires to become someone should live when starting or attempting to start a career.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the equal of, or nearly as great, in my opinion, as the Louvre, and much superior to the Chicago or Houston Museums of Art. Also, there are great restaurants in New York (my favorite is “Bice“) and the city is full of very interesting people. Many are poseurs, mavericks, Progressives, or focused on fashion or finance, but they are never dull.

And there is Columbia University, and a new college near Wall Street, that I like to think of as the only Christian college in the City, where scholars and teachers worth knowing make careers.

If you can, find a job in Manhattan or study there. You’ll never be the same.


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