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Pittsburgh, My Pittsburgh

October 30, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of Americans who were born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania now live elsewhere. For any number of reasons we left what we fondly refer to as the ‘Burgh and never returned. We are what I call “Overseas Pittsburghers,” much like the “Overseas Chinese” who opt not to live in a communist People’s Republic of China.

I like the ‘Burg, but the Democrat Party has controlled the City since 1932. Eighty-six years of one Party control–going on nine decades–is just too many.

During the Cold War, national security professionals would talk about the Finlandization that occurred in Finland when the Finns threw in the towel and accepted the Soviet Union as permanent reality. The Finns kept one accommodator in power for 45 years.

Little did they know that the Soviet Union would collapse in 1991.

Unlike the Finns, the citizens in the ‘Burg were threatened by no foreign enemies and, yet, they continue to this day to vote for a corrupt and ignorant group of politicians who pass themselves off as New Deal Democrats—86 years after a President offered a New Deal in 1932!

The lack of patriotism and intelligence that this Finlandization of the ‘Burg represents is a sign that the ‘Burg is too corrupt to handle an influx of 50,000 Amazon employees should the ‘Burg be chosen for the next Amazon HQ. Change will come, but not at the ballot box nor by a decision by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Click here to access an essay that I wrote for the Pittsburgh Tribune in February of this year.about the prospect that the ‘Burgh would be chosen for Amazon’s second HQ.



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