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Dr. Herb London, RIP

November 12, 2018

NewsMax’s John Gizzi reported yesterday that Herb London passed away on Sunday, November  11.

Herb and I planned to conduct a Webcast on the topic of Celebrity and American politics

Herb had produced a video on this subject for the Hudson Institute in June 2009 and I encountered it only when I was writing a new book on the fragility of politics in an era of Celebrity. Herb beat me to it with that webcast and his familiarity with the groundbreaking study of celebrity in the 1961 book by Daniel Boorstin, The Image or What Happened to the American Dream.

What a webcast that would have been if Herb London, age 79, had lived. His passing and my inability to attract a grant to conduct the event are a great loss.

I knew of Herb London from when he was at New York University and because he had begun something he called “Renaissance University.” Herb was excited, as far back as the 1990s in the promise of the Internet for education.  He planned to create his own university, but by the time I travelled to New York to meet with him to discuss my own plans to create a solely online University, he had moved on to another project.

Herb invited me to participate on a panel in April 2012 at a meeting of the National Association of Scholars on the subject of technology and education. His presentation at that event is pure Herb London involving humor, knowledge of his subject and questions about his topic.  When a scholar gives a presentation that asks questions, he has admitted that  he doesn’t have all the answers. That’s the type of colleague you want to have.

Others will recall Herb’s various political campaigns, the organizations he chaired including the Manhattan Institute, Hudson Institute, his Great Books program at NYU and the National Association of Scholars and some details about his personal life and last hours of life.

For me, Herb London was a stalwart friend and colleague and a wonderful person to have on your side when attempting great things.

Rest in Peace, Dr. London.



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