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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2018

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade began with good old weatherman, Al Roker, and something new, two female masters of ceremony instead of the usual male/female team. I guess this really is “the year of the woman.” And just to make sure we didn’t understand that bit of PC, there was a lesbian couple amongst the first group of dancers, a singer who was announced as “from Puerto Rico,” assorted high school bands, the Ohio State band, and some really good dancers, including the Rockettes who dazzled us with their precision dancing.

More skin is being shown by female dancers than in earlier parades, but some dancers demonstrate they can really dance as opposed to perform gymnasium routines. I particularly liked the dancers from a dance school who performed a traditional waltz.

I look for signs of the times–good and some bad–in major events like this one and especially what style of military uniforms marching bands wear. Ohio State’s marching band, perhaps reflecting the parsimony of Ohioans, hasn’t been changed since World War II. But, the local high school bands wore beautiful, new, stylized uniforms reflecting a less militaristic mindset–and the wealth of New York and New Jersey suburban communities.

And, if you were gearing up for Thanksgiving dinner, there was the Jolly Green Giant representing B&G Foods, Inc. (now selling at $30.11 a share),  Entenmann’s, a private baking  company based in Totowa, New Jersey and many other provisioners to remind us of goodies to come on this day of prayer and the giving of thanks. Not forgotten was a large turkey driven by a GM pickup truck (shares now priced at $35.55).

All in all, today’s Thanksgiving Day parade is only half-over, but I get it!

At least for now, American commerce and Political Correctness are holding hands in celebration and giving “Thanks” to a life of bounty. As “big box” stores are forced to close, however,  I wonder how long Macy’s will be around to regale us with this delight-filled parade, or what will come next.

Be assured, as long as there is an America, there will be something coming next.

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