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G-20 Meeting: Prelude to War

November 27, 2018

An editorial in the Washington Examiner for Tuesday, November 27, urges President Trump to “stand up to Putin.” The editorial is timely because of this week’s meeting of G-20 member states in Argentina and because the Russian Navy fired upon three Ukrainean naval vessels crossing the Sea of Azov to dock in the port of Mariupol.

At the G-20 meeting, President Trump is likely to continue his personal approach to diplomacy by meeting with Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.  Two years into the Trump Administration, President Trump has not put into place conservative senior staff who are experts in foreign and national security policy. Nor has he prepared for important meetings with other heads of state by tasking non-existent senior staff to prepare him for those meetings.

The American voter elected a “know-it-all.”

This is dangerous because this “know-it-all” President claims that he is an expert deal-maker who can ameliorate contrary interests of post-Soviet Russia and Maoist China. If the President performs as poorly as he did in meetings with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, only bad things will come of this upcoming “sit-down” with former KGB intelligence officer, Vladimir Putin. And Xi Jinping’s policies of total control of Chinese society are now beginning to unravel as the  glue of an expanding Chinese economy is challenged by Trump Administration’s tariffs.

Clearly, this is an important moment in the Trump presidency, and the editorial in the Washington Examiner makes sense, but for the fact that the Washington Examiner is controlled by Philip Anschutz who owns the Neoconservative Weekly Standard and is allied spiritually and intellectually with National Security Advisor, John Bolton and the Neocon think tank, AEI.

If these meetings with Putin and Xi go badly, we will see Russia move immediately to take control Ukraine and China will take control of the South China Sea. What John Bolton will recommend in retaliation is no mystery.



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