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Go to College for an Education

December 2, 2018

National Association of Scholars’ President, Dr. Peter Wood, and I gave a presentation at the Family Research Council on the topic of anti-American bias of American higher education.  This problem has gotten worse over the past 60 years, so there is nothing you or I can do about it.

But, if you’re beginning to plan to go to college next year, plan to get an education, not merely a degree.

Here are some tips for you to consider:

1) Choose the best college or university you can find that offers a four-year education at the lowest cost. That means you should consider taking residence in a state where tuition at state universities is low. The University of Oregon in Eugene offers tuition for in-state students of about $5,000 a year. Colorado public universities cost about the same. California State charges about $5,700 a year. Don’t pay more!

2) Don’t worry about Liberal bias. Every university is biased in that way. But, you want a good education offered by professional scholars who have earned the Ph.D. degree. If they are true professionals, they will not let their personal opinions to distort their subjects.

3) Study important disciplines. Which are they?

1) American national government

2) Constitutional law

3) Statistics

4) History of music

5) History of Art

6) Classical philosophy: Plato & Aristotle

7) History courses–as many as you can find, but focus on the history of England, the history of Russia, the history of China and the history of France.

8) Accounting

9) Physical Education–take at least one a year and sometimes take one each semester. Learn tennis, golf, and swimming

10) Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics

4) Area studies to avoid: English Literature, American studies, Communication, Psychology, Journalism, Education.

5) Valuable degree programs: Business, Government and all the Sciences.

If you want guidance, have your Mom or Dad contact me by e-mail at:

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