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Trump is a symptom of loss of country

December 15, 2018

When I was nominated to serve in the Reagan Administration, I went through a process that      included providing financial information, tax returns, and an accounting for every place I had lived, and a list of all my associations, Board appointments and such. The legal counsel at my agency directed me to resign from every organization likely to receive benefits from the  Department under my responsibility.

That process was formalized after Watergate and deterred many from accepting political  appointments, except for some so calloused that they were unaware that they were   compromised. A colleague working in the Office of Presidential Personnel told me that several  convicted felons had sought presidential appointments!

Because the GOP failed in 2016 to nominate a candidate with government experience and ideas that met a changing complex of public opinions similar to those tapped by Enoch Powell in the United Kingdom fifty years ago and reignited in the break from the EU in “Brexit,” we elected a  president with no previous government experience, no understanding of government and who  was afflicted by dyslexia that impaired his ability to read. And, as we have seen, we elected a person with few personal virtues that we look for in persons elected to responsible positions.

Donald Trump blithely assumed that his corrupt business practices in New York real estate and his relationships with Russians for whom he laundered large sums of money could be kept private.

One of my friends who lives in Manhattan explained the process he endured, which included    open bribes, when remodeling the kitchen in his apartment. In order to do business in New York, Donald Trump required the services of an attorney who systematically engaged in  necessary suborning of officials for necessary permits. And his active libido and proclivity for Eastern European women persuaded me to believe reports that he was compromised when he was in Moscow for his Miss Universe pageant. Prostitution was a means of control used by all communist regimes and, I believe, they got their hooks into Donald Trump years ago.

I reluctantly voted for Trump, however, though I was persuaded that he was not qualified to  serve as President. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for Hillary Clinton whose candidacy and that of Donald Trump is an indication that we are enduring a systematic breakdown of our Two Party system. I am convinced that President Trump assures the destruction of the GOP. That would probably occur, even if Trump were not elected. Our system of electoral politics and intense press scrutiny deters many qualified persons from considering elective office. What’s left are the dumb, party hacks, and morally calloused amongst us.

But, all the reasons I should not have voted for Trump have caught up with him and he will be impeached by the House and convicted in the Senate where the necessary number of defections by GOP Senators will compel his resignation. These are my reasons.

Nothing good will come of ridding us or allowing Donald Trump to complete his term of office. We are well on our way already to losing our constitutional protections and the very country we love.

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