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What’s it All About, Donny?

January 2, 2019

President Trump’s shut down of the U.S. government amidst continued calls to build a Wall along our border with Mexico has little support in either the GOP or Democrat Parties. Since Donald Trump won the election of 2016, he knew that there was good politics to be made in declaiming illegal immigration and legal immigration of Muslims.

What is that all about?

This controversy is about the ethnic mix of the American population that was subtly changed by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965. After the election of 1964, the Democrat Party controlled Congress and the White House. President Lyndon Johnson took the initiative by replacing legislation that previously discriminated against non-Northern Europeans. One politician in England also saw immigration as a “problem,” but Enoch Powell in 1968 declaimed against the British Labor Party’s Race Relations Bill that emulated LBJ’s legislation.

Half a century later, President Trump took a chance and called for tight controls on legal immigration and illegal immigration. He won the Presidential election of 2016; the Dems and traditional Republicans did not.

The U.S. government shutdown is only partially related to border security. President Trump is talking to an electorate that he believes do not want more people from the Third World and Latin America to come into the United States.

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