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Real Concerns for Americans

January 10, 2019

The American people should prepare for a bumpy 2019 and 2020. The Impeachment and conviction of President Donald Trump is a certainty and Mike Pence is positioned to become his successor–for a little while.

What’s likely to happen?

First, declaration of a National Emergency in order to build a wall along our southern border should be viewed as a “dry run” for another declaration during or immediately after Impeachment of the President.

Second, the United States has enemies who, after two years in office, have now “sized up” the President of the United States.

The People’s Republic of China may move to reclaim Taiwan and unleash North Korea from restraints imposed on Kim jong-un since President Trump threatened “Little Rocket Man.”

Russia will retake Ukraine.

Iran will challenge shipping in the Persian Gulf.

A strong and knowledgeable President of the United States might have developed a national security strategy to forestall these developments. But “strong and knowledgeable” are not words we use to describe President Trump’s national security policies. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were sufficiently strong to give pause to the Soviet Union. For whatever reasons–including possible compromising photos of Donald Trump with Russian prostitutes or financial ties to Russian oligarchs–the Trump Administration’s policies toward Russia are, for lack of another word, “weak.”

Due to the economic weakness of the PRC, Trump Administration trade policies have placed Xi Jinping on notice that a return to Maoist internal controls may lead to rebellion by the Chinese. Yet, Xi’s policies of internal control are world class “totalitarian” measures..

U.S. policy toward Iran thus far has consisted of threats, but could lead to military conflict.

North Korea tops the list of possible military conflicts the outcome of which is not certain, but will certainly lead to loss of life..

These problems, including a possible declaration of a National Emergency to forestall Impeachment, should be of concern to the American people, not a Wall along our border with Mexico..


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