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Courage to Criticize President Trump

January 20, 2019

“The British were learning..that their desire for peace does not insure peace. ….A price would have to be paid for those somnolent years and squandered opportunities. The price would be war.”–James C. Humes, Churchill (1980)

 It is clear beyond doubt that President Donald Trump has no understanding of foreign policy and a very unclear understanding of national security. He appears incapable of learning or building a professional staff that does understand. The President’s foreign policy is reduced to personal meetings with heads of state without taking the steps to staff his meetings with professionals who meet with their opposite professionals prior to meetings with the President.

President Trump believes that foreign relations start with meetings between himself and other heads of state. They come prepared knowing what they want to achieve and President Trump “wings it.” Friends and critics of the President ask members of the Republican Party in the Senate and House why they don’t speak up.

That they are silent explains why Donald Trump is President and they are not. Leadership requires two types of politicians: those who do not fear loss of power and those who lose power, but recover.

There are, perhaps, two or three members of the House and Senate who do not fear losing their positions, if they speak up, and perhaps of those two or three, two have the will to seek and achieve recovery.

Perhaps they will act to overcome what time has been squandered before this President’s stupidity leads to war. The time to speak up is before the next meetings between President Trump and Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping.


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