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Looking for a “Comeback Kid”

January 20, 2019

Very few successful men and women achieve success without experiencing failure. They are successful because they had the will and spirit to make a comeback. Even Steve Jobs failed, most dramatically when he was kicked out of Apple by the marketing expert he hired to run his company.

In my own career, I can count at least three failures–twice by being fired and a third time when my company was forced to close. That first “failure” occurred when, in the third year as a college teacher, my teaching contract was not renewed. I found another teaching position and parlayed that into a presidential appointment, only to be fired again. It took about nineteen years to recoup and I began to build the first Internet university dedicated to principled, conservative, scholarship.

That effort collapsed three years ago and I’m now working on my fourth comeback! I know many others who never make a comeback. They take a hit, and never overcome that experience. All the ones I know who were defeated were very bright, educated, professionals, but they just never recovered.

That may be explained by the experience of entrepreneurs. Very few entrepreneurs “make it” with their first venture. Sometimes it may take four or five attempts before an entrepreneur finds the one venture that works. I think I may have engaged in three or four ventures before discovering that the Internet could be utilized to found an entire university at low cost.

I have been thinking about that when I see the hesitancy of Republican members of Congress to criticize President Donald Trump on the many issues that will destroy the Republican Party.

The President’s program of tariffs, his inattention to budget deficits, his lack of concern about our inability to sustain Entitlement programs, his failure to staff his administration by filling the many Presidential appointments at his command, his inattention to the advice of professionals who have mastered the intricacies of foreign and national security policy. And the meetings with other heads of state that he pursues without adequate preparation.

All those failures add up to a future, total, collapse of the GOP, conflict with foreign adversaries that may lead to war, the likely Impeachment of the President and a long succession of bad legislation and controversial Presidencies, a possible civil war and military intervention.

Early this morning I raised this issue at a post in my daily blog.

I argue that there are few politicians who are willing to risk loss of office and even fewer who have the will and spirit to make a comeback after paying the price of defeat in the next election for criticizing President Trump.

Friends and critics decry the passivity of Congressional Republicans in the face of this President’s inadequacies desipte they clearly assure the destruction of the GOP.

If we can explain their failure to speak up, we may remove the mystery that surrounds our understanding of why some can make a comeback, and others do not.


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