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Our Next “War President”

January 21, 2019

Given President Trump’s colossal lack of knowledge concerning foreign and national security policy, and the absence of a “Comeback Kid” in Congress, our principal foreign enemies–the People’s Republic of China, Russia and Iran–have been emboldened.

But for the economic slowdown in the PRC which will challenge President Xi Jinping’s system of totalitarian internal controls, the PRC’s long term goal for recovery of Taiwan will take second place to further development of “islands” in the South China Sea.

Putin’s Russia will move to recover the Ukraine and pick up former Soviet satellites as vassals of a new Russian Empire.

Iran will grow its Navy and challenge shipping in the Persian Gulf and continue support of Islamic terrorists in Syria.

All these developments will unfold in the next two years and fall onto the plate of the next President of the United States. Despite the gender advocacy of Sen. Gillibrand and Harris, the American electorate will understand that we require a “War President.”

We haven’t had many. FDR and Harry Truman facilitated, but did not deter, war. President Carter gave in to the Mullahs who usurped power in Iran and President George W. Bush expanded beyond Afghanistan into Iraq.

We now require a knowledgeable President, willing to use military forces to counter enemy actions, but also a master of strategy to deter those acts. That eliminates Senators Gillibrand and Harris and points toward three known aspirants (Romney, Rubio and Biden), some with recent military experience who are little known and complete outsiders like New England Patriot Quarterback, Tom Brady, or any actor a bit younger than George C. Scott who is a convincing detective or General.

No Dwight Eisenhower is around to be tapped to hold the fort, and none of the many Generals and Admirals that President Trump first recruited for domestic service have distinguished themselves. For that reason, as a progression of aspirants to the Office of the President of the United States announce their intentions, we have to ask, which will be a good “War President”?

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