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Needed: A New Republican Party

January 23, 2019

The controversy concerning shutting down the U.S. government has generated interest in running for the Office of the President–against the current occupant–by a large and growing list of Democrats and some Republicans. Those aspirants reveal that no unifying principle exists in either the Democrat or Republican Parties.

For Republicans, none seem motivated by concern that the growth of the centralized state has gone too far. If that was their unifying principle, an argument would be made for shutting down at least one agency in exchange for reopening government operations. Senate Republicans support the President’s call for a border Wall because he is President and head of the GOP, nothing more.

Eventually, one of them will call for formation of a National Conservative Party, so we can expect two GOPs in the near future.

On the Democrat side, gender, abortion rights and civil rights advocates make up one part of the Democrats. Neoconservatives that left the Democrat Party when George McGovern may form another, essentially Democrat, Neoconservative Party. After all, Bill Kristol and John Podhoretz need something to do besides opine at MSNBC.  Really important “Players,” like Joe Biden, however, will appeal to traditional Democrats, Labor Unions, Teachers and Government employees.  Add the Green Party and that makes at least four Democrat-style Parties,

I believe that we are entering a European style, multi-Party system, in which at least five Parties compete for national office.


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