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Arrogance Reigns

January 25, 2019

Roger Stone’s public performance upon leaving Federal Court in Ft. Lauderdale today was a study in arrogance. Stone hopes to beat the charges in Court and in the court of public opinion. Stone prepared for this moment by goading Robert Mueller to overreact.

Apparently Mueller has been reading the laudatory news reports about his role as special counsel and is not aware of a growing feeling that the Justice Department, Federal prosecutors and the FBI are out of control. The FBI, especially, has a checkered history going back to the days of J. Edgar Hoover. Hoover collected “dirt” on everyone who might challenge him and was feared by everyone in public life who had sinned, drank too much, lied or committed adultery.

That pretty much covers everyone above room temperature among our political class and, it appears, that tradition was continued into the present day.

Unfortunately, our attorney classes are unaware of that change in public opinion and Robert Mueller’s dawn raid on the home of Roger Stone was evidence of that. Stone is a public personality who can’t walk down the street without being interviewed. Indeed, at 6:00 AM this morning, CNN had staked out Stone’s home on a hunch.

Not only are our attorneys oblivious to a growing public hatred of them, but this report on media executives who attended a sit-down with President-elect Trump indicates that media executives, too, are unaware of how hated they have become. At this meeting held in Trump Tower shortly after the election, President-elect Trump spent twenty minutes telling these top executives that they were liars and dishonest!  Among those who were offended were MSNBC president Phil Griffin, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer, NBC Nightly News host Lester Holt and others.

Gee, is this arrogance contagious?



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