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Trump the Entrepreneur

January 26, 2019

Ghost-writer, Tony Schwartz, retained by Donald Trump to write Art of the Deal appeared on MSNBC this morning and observed that though Trump’s skills as an entrepreneur are his hallmark, in fact he was a failure as an entrepreneur.

Deal after deal that Donald Trump attempted–failed.

What Schwartz doesn’t realize is that almost all entrepreneurs fail at many ventures. Only a very few succeed on the first try.  For all the others, it takes time, financing and spirit to try, yet fail, and pursue new ventures.

Trump’s colossal Atlantic City casino venture failed, but according to one of his casino managers, that casino was a terrific sucess. Only Trump’s poor management skills destroyed that venture.

And, then, there is the small example of Trump’s last venture, his campaign for the Office of President of the United States–HE WON.

Donald Trump’s problem is that he is not a successful administrator, not that he is a bad entrepreneur.

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