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Women in Politics

January 26, 2019

Politicians will tell you that running against a female candidate is most difficult. Many of the new members of Congress that defeated incumbent Republicans (see Districts VA 2 and VA 7) were women.

I had contacted Cong. Scott Taylor representing VA 2 because I live in that Congressional District and we need a new post office building. The current building was leased in 1960 and is in disrepair. It doesn’t even have a “drive through” to deposit outgoing letters. Also, I had worked for New York Sen. Alfonse D’Amato and knew well the emphasis he placed on constituent requests. So determined to serve New York , he was derided by critics who called him “Senator Pothole.”

It was clear that Scott Taylor was playing an “inside Washington” game and assumed that the many military veterans and active military in his district would respond to his advertising. Cong. Taylor was featured in military fatigues holding an automatic rifle.

Scott Taylor lost to a female 20 year Navy veteran, Elaine Luria, who achieved the rank of Commander operating nuclear reactors as an engineer.

In the case of VA 7, Richmond, Virginia, I tried to interest Cong. Dave Brat in taking an interest in higher education issues. He served on the House Education Committee and had an earned Ph.D. in Economics and taught for 20 years on the Faculty at Randolph Macon College. I organized a group of conservative scholars to brief him on ways to lower the high cost of a college education. But, he was indifferent.

Cong. Brat was defeated by a woman candidate, Abigail Spanberger, a former CIA officer.

Most men will think that revealing that a female opponent or competitor was a nude model is a good way to win. NOT if you intentionally want to offend every woman in your vicinity. When it was revealed that Gloria Steinem had been a Playboy bunny, her following grew. The New York Post, owned by News Corp, published nude photos of Melania Trump, indicating the direction that News Corp would take as Rupert Murdoch turned over management to his two sons.

News Corp, I predict, will pay a high price for that.

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