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Professors who Hate

January 29, 2019

Conservative organizations like YAF and ISI (once known as the Intercollegiate Society of Individualist) have supported campus conservatives for close to sixty years. Accuracy in Academia, an offshoot of Accuracy in Media, publishes Campus Report that tracks Leftist campus activity. Campus Reform, a production of The Leadership Institute, forms a fourth link in a chain of organized conservative opposition to the subversion of higher education by Leftist movements. The definitive study of Progressives in higher education by Dr. James Piereson titled “The Left University” was published in The Weekly Standard in October, 2005.

Newer ones like Professor Watchlist compile reports on instructors who are Leftists and accused of indoctrinating their students. Some instructors are retaliating with policies aimed at removing students purposefully engaged in harassment. Students not concerned about bad grades and, perhaps, not motivated to earn a degree, will harass their instructors. In my first teaching assignment, a student trained in the Straussian “school” of close reading of texts made clear his objection to my philosophical approach. After I left, that Department ultimately hired, with one exception, only Strauss educated PhDs. from Boston College.

That was clearly an extreme exception to the general rule that scholarship is not the preserve of any one school of thought or religion. However, instructors are usually highly committed to what they teach or support politically.

Boards of Directors will intervene sometimes and terminate employment of instructors who commit actions that are contrary to freedom of speech protections. A good example is Melissa Click an instructor at the University of Missouri.

More common are actions taken against conservative instructors. I once interviewed an instructor at the University of Vermont who offered to develop an online course for Yorktown University. When we talked, he told me that he had accepted another position and, when that became known, a member of the University of Vermont Faculty told him, “We know who you are, and we would have gotten you.”

In 2012 I gave a presentation at a conference of the National Association of Scholars. I stated that academic tenure should be modified permitting some to accept more income in exchange for teaching without tenure. A young 40ish scholar rose to say that he waited until attaining tenure before attending a NAS event.

In most instances, college Administrators and Faculty attack conservative instructors. This is a real problem and explains why Professor Watchlist is being scrutinized.

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