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Abuse of Congressional Staff

February 11, 2019

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Presidential candidate is the object of critics who argue that the Senator abused her staff. If you work on Capitol Hill or in policy organizations in the Washington, DC area, you’ll hear complaints that some Members require staff to do laundry, follow extreme rules for handling food, or baby-sit their children. I personally heard such complaints about a Senator and a House Member from my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Good manners alone should constrain Members of Congress from using paid Congressional staff as personal servants. And anyone running, especially, for the Office of President should be aware that such behavior will be made public.

Members of the Congress of the United States are human beings, however, and bring to office all the personal failures for which humans are well known. Sexual relationships between Members and subordinates are common, less so is the taking of bribes, but lying is a professional skill well-honed by American politicians. And even treasonous acts have occurred. But, when an elected official crosses those lines, it is worthy of notice.

We should be watching Amy Klobuchar’s actions over the next months to see if her abuse of her staff portends to abuse of power.


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