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Trump’s Foreign Policy and America’s Readiness

February 11, 2019

President Trump’s personal diplomacy with the leader of North Korea’s communist regime will enter Round 2 in Vietnam, of all places. “Little Rocket Man” and his father before him were frequent targets for assassination, so precautions are taken to visit only societies controlled by Communist governments.

With no foreign policy team in place to negotiate with officials of North Korea before the President’s first, and now his second, meeting with Kim Jong-un, the President is campaigning for re-election in Vietnam.

A future meeting with the People’s Republic of China’s Xi Jinping is being planned, again, without proper staffing.

All this is occurring as serious questions are raised about the President’s business interests in Russia and Saudi Arabia. Credible critics suggest that the President’s policies toward Vladimir Putin and Mohammed bin Salman are designed to enrich himself while governing.

These issues are interesting, but let’s jump ahead and consider what the President and his not-very-skilled White House assistants will do in a crisis. That question came to me on January 21 when so many female voices were heard announcing intentions to run for President in 2020. A scary thought came to mind: What if we need a “War President.” Much to my surprise, former Reagan speechwriter, Peggy Noonan asked the same question in the Wall Street Journal on February 7. Ms. Noonan asks, “Can Trump Handle a Foreign Crisis?” The answer to Peggy Noonan’s question, and mine, is a very big “NO.”

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