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Parkland and Gun Control

February 14, 2019

A year ago today, a murder of innocent high school students in Parkland, Florida raised the issue of gun control to the front and center of public consciousness.

My own reaction was related to my experience of having attended a “big box” high school in North Miami, Florida. My graduation class had more than 1,000 graduates!

That structure of “big box” schools preceded desegregation of public schools and was designed to address massive increases in the population of Florida’s cities. Ideally, no school should “warehouse” more than five hundred students. Smaller numbers of students will enable teachers and school administrators to identify and focus efforts on students before they return with intent to kill.

Placed in areas where students reside, schools will cease to be “warehouses” and become community schools.

Parkland, and all the other school tragedies, cannot be resolved by increased control of guns.  Reduce the size of public schools with large student populations and place them where the students live.


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