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Fragility of American Order

February 20, 2019

Our homes are safe from criminals because local and state police are there to protect us. We assume, therefore, that all aspects of society are similarly protected. We have laws and a Constitution with protections of individual liberty and procedures that direct the legal process by the rule of law. And we have representative institutions that are responsive to voters.

All that is true, but living in American society today is fraught with so many divisions that some fear that our entire “system” of government is at risk to collapse.

Many were the signs that not all was well, but the election of a novice politician to the Office of the President with no understanding of government, how it functions nor the limits of his office has revealed most weaknesses in the “system.”

Our Congress is filled with place-holders, of little distinction whose primary focus is continuation of place in office.

American media is protected from limits on libel and the media uses that freedom to expose every and all weaknesses of candidates for office. “Conservative” candidates are especially at risk to Progressive media.

Our judicial system is serviced by attorneys who studied the precedents of Constitutional law, but few have studied the history of our Constitution, read the Debates in the Constitutional Convention nor the Debates in the State ratification conventions.

Beginning in the 1880s, our college instructors have been politicized by Progressives and unified since the Great Depression by an ideology of utopian socialism that rejected classical liberalism. Today, only a few colleges provide a non-politicized Liberal Education.

So, begin with an ignorant President who built his business by laundering funds from Russia, refused to restrict his business activities while in office, and began to pressure the Justice Department to limit investigations into Russian influences on the President and his family. Follow that with attorneys in the Justice Department who thought that the processes they followed were eternal principles of order. When made aware of the President’s culpability in obstruction of justice and his ties to a foreign government, members of the Senate and House did nothing. None wanted a primary challenge and assumed the crisis was overblown.

Few of our fellow Americans with political ambitions choose a public life when such a choice would expose every past action and ideas they expressed to the scrutiny of investigative “journalists.”

When in previous generations aspiring journalists went to “J” Schools and studied how to report, who, what, when and where, they now study “communication” theory laden with Progressive ideology.

Ideological ideas about “race” and “gender” have been weaponized into political “movements” and codified in procedures formalized in Departments of Human Resources. Today, no white male can be at ease nor feel safe in any form of employment with powerful HR Departments. “Racism” and “sexual harassment” codes are poised to destroy careers.

This describes why we feel so uncomfortable as American citizens and why we are fearful that the “center cannot hold.” That’s a phrase from William Butler Yeats’ poem, “The Second Coming.” We know we’re in trouble when we turn to our poets for understanding the fragility of order.



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