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Good Changes at Time Warner’s CNN

March 1, 2019

Two of our three major cable news media are biased and anti-GOP, anti-President Trump and anti-Conservative. They reflect the anti-American bias of the “Professoriate” of our colleges and universities. James Piereson tracked how that happened in his 2016 book Shattered Consensus that expands on Piereson’s landmark essay published in 2005 in The Weekly Standard. In that essay, Piereson described how higher education became a “Left university.”

MSNBC, owned by Philadelphia billionaire, Brian L. Roberts, is the worst, starting at 6 am with Mika Brzezinski and turncoat Republican Joe Scarborough, followed by Stephanie Ruhle, and a host of talented Progressive Leftists including Rachel Maddow.

Maddow is so very good, she’s actually enjoyable, which was confirmed by the highest ratings last week in all cable news programming.

CNN, which Ted Turner founded as a source of timely reporting, was quickly captured by the Progressive Left and under Jeff Zucker, has been stomach-churning in biased reporting. Check out this list of on air talent at CNN and ask if you can find more than three or four non-Leftist reporters.

Well, all that is about to change as AT&T has acquired Time Warner and is reorganizing that media giant into something called “Warner Media.” The new head of WarnerMedia is John Stankey. You’ll be seeing his handiwork in changes he’s making in WarnerMedia’s executive suite as he moves CNN from the East coast to reflect the mid-West and Southwest experience of AT&T’s top executives. Finally–perhaps–we’ll begin to get less biased news and opinion from CNN and wave “Bye bye” to CNN President Jeff Zucker.


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